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  Customised OKW Enclosures
  Take advantage of our extensive customizing service. We can supply your enclosures fully finished with all the necessary modifications for mounting your components.

Browse our comprehensive range of standard enclosures and select the housing that best matches your product ideas, electronic components and the needs of your customer.

Next, download our product drawings, and let us know the detailed modifications you require. Together we will determine what processes are required to achieve your finished product. We endeavour to offer the best price, quality and delivery times to meet your specific requirements exactly.

To learn more, download our detailed customizing services

What can we do for you?

(1) silk screen and tampo printing
(2) surface finishing
(3) digital printing
(4) membrane keypads
(5) milling, drilling, tapping, punching
(6) RFI/EMI Shielding: ALVACOAT, nickel lacquer
(7) special materials and colors
(8) custom design enclosures
(9) assembly/installation
(10) tuning knobs

METCASE custom aluminum enlosures >>

  Download Individual Case Solutions Leaflet...

Customising Services Individual Case Solutions Leaflet

Contact our sales team on 800 965 9872 today to discuss your customizing requirements!
Milling | Drilling | Punching | Engraving | Glueing
CNC milling of enclosures CNC drilling of enclosures Glueing parts into enclosures
For sample or series-type production. CNC machining for connectors, switches, LEDs, displays etc. Glueing in pillars for displays or printed circuit boards. Drilling and tapping holes and engraving legends and logos. There is practically no limit to the variety of machining processes we can carry out.

Your housings are supplied ready for installation, you only have to mount the electronic components.
Customising Services Mechanical processing
RFI/EMI Shielding
EMC shielded enclosures Enclosures shielded using ALVACOAT ALVACOAT machine
To shield plastic parts, which offer no natural protection against electromagnetic radiation, OKW has developed the ALVACOAT® RFI/EMI process.

The RFI/EMI coating is applied in a high vacuum and has a thickness of approx. 2.5 µm. This gives a typical attenuation of 30-40 dB for a frequency range of 30 to 1000 MHz.
Customising Services ALVACOAT® RFI/EMI coating
Silk Screen Printing | Tampo Printing
Silk screen printed legends an logos Printed enclosures Silk screen and tampo printing
A great way to give your enclosures or tuning knobs a personal touch. Perhaps you need labelling or symbols to indicate the function and usage more clearly.

We offer silk screen printing, plus tampo printing for areas which are recessed. All colors are made in our own mixing unit. This ensures short preparation and processing times. The print colors can be matched to RAL, Pantone, customer's sample or a range of dyes.
Customising Services Printing services
Digital Printing
Digital printing Digital printing on enclosures
Our digital printing process (photo quality) allows different design versions e.g. sequential numbering. Separate decorative foils can also be printed for adding lettering and colorful graphics.

Digital printing directly on the enclosures can also be carried out. This can give a very striking appearance. We can print surfaces made of ABS to a maximum depth of 0.06"(1.5 mm). To protect the printed image, the surface is over sprayed with a clear lacquer.
Customising Services Digital printing | Customising Services Checklist | Customising Services Polyester foil
Customising Services Adhesive foil Duplocoll 5011
Customising Services Adhesive foil Duplocoll 373
Surface Finishing
Special paint finishes Chrome finish and transfer printing
We can paint our enclosures or knobs with high-quality UV-resistant two-component lacquers. All colors are made in our own mixing unit. This guarantees short preparation and processing times. The colors can be matched to RAL, Pantone, customer's sample or a range of dyes.

We also offer water transfer printing with many different patterns and design options, e.g. root timber, marble, carbon, granite, metallic effects etc., We can even transfer on to parts with complex geometrical shapes.
Customising Services Lacquering | Customising Services Chrome finishing
Customising Services Water transfer printing
Special Materials
Special materials and colors Antimocrobial enclosures CO2 neutral bioplastic enclosures
For specific properties such as improved chemical resistance, flame resistance or individual coloring, we can produce the enclosures or knobs in alternative materials and colours.

New options:
- antimicrobial plastics for sterile surfaces - permanent protection against bacteria, viruses and fungi.
- CO2 neutral bioplastic - from renewable raw materials
Customising Services Special materials
Assembly Threaded inserts Electronics assembly
We will carry out mounting and assembly to complete your device, e.g . we can assemble cable glands, display screens, belt/pocket clips etc.
Customising Services Display windows | Customising Services Adhesive foil duplomont 9011
Rapid Protoyping
Rapid prototyping Rubber buttons Special versions
Standard OKW enclosures with individual modifications. Prototypes and models for the evaluation of the design and functional testing. Different materials for various degrees of elasticity.
Customising Services Rapid prototyping
Membrane Keyboards
Membrane keypads Membrane keypad design Membrane keypads for enclosures

We can also to source membrane keyboards manufactured exactly to your individual requirements.

Through our cooperation with specialist partners, we are able to offer you a complete range of keypad options including metal key domes, LEDs, shielding, embossing etc.

Customising Services Membrane keypads | Customising Services Checklist
Sales Wrapping
Sales wrapping Sales wrapping kits
High-quality sales packaging for your products.

On demand we can create and print your individual sales wrapping or adhesive labels according to your design requirements.
Customising Services Sales wrapping
  Custom Design Enclosures
Your ideas and visions, realised by us.
  3D Models Mould tools and inserts Custom design enclosures  
  How it works:

Concept & Development
Based on your requirements, we can work out a design concept to meet your product needs. Whether it is a question of product features, material specifications, optimized tooling or high quality surface finish, we have the technical competence to provide you with a complete solution.

Before implementing an individual case solution, we offer the opportunity to create a prototype. On the basis of the prototype, you can check the assembly of your components, evaluate the design and in some cases even carry out functional tests.

After the design has been approved, we implement the concept by creating the molds, tool inserts and equipment. Cost-effective solutions to meet your needs, for example the creation of interchangeable inserts in our own standard mold tools. This can reduce your investment to the minimum necessary.

Series-type production
As well as custom injection molded parts, we can also finish your individual product to your specifications in our Service Center.

Download our Customer Design Checklist with the necessary information we require to begin your project.
Prototype reader units Prototype enclosure Prototype enclosure part Prototype handheld enclosure
For single units, design samples.
Vacuum Casting
Vacuum cast enclosure parts Small series vacumm cast enclosures
For pilot series or small series production.
Milling / Forming Technology
Milling and forming technology
Enclosure parts made from milled and formed plastic sheet.
For production series up to 500 units.
Customising Services Milling and bending
Deep Drawing Technology
Deep drawn components Deep drawn enclosure parts
Deep drawn enclosure parts for production series up to
1,000 units.
Customising Services Deep drawing technology
Standard Case Tool Inserts
Standard enclosure tool inserts
Inserts in standard enclosure tools. For production series up to 10,000 units.
Customising Services Tool inserts
Custom Tooling
Custom enclosure with LED lenses Custom handheld enclosure Complex custom enclosure
For production series between 15,000 and 50,000 units.
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