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Analysis instrument for workplaces
Tool inserts in basic molds for customer designsTool inserts in basic molds for customer designsNew top part and optical fibresWall mount enclosure for ventilation technologySmall series tool for customised DIN rail enclosureApplication for sleep diagnostic; milled insert and wall suspension element (COMTEC)handheld enclosure - customer designBattery chargerMeasuring instrumentControl panel medical equipmentCustomer design incl. front foilCustomized DIN rail enclosurecustomized DIN rail enclosurePrototype lacquered (in combination with Robust-Box bottom part)Prototype and part with double injection techniqueAdditional illumination plate for tuning knobMilled enclosure parts in plastic and aluminumComprehensive technology portfolioBespoke enclosures and tuning knobsCNC technology for tool inserts for injection moldingAnalysis instrument for workplaces
Tool inserts in basic molds for customer designs
Tool inserts in basic molds for customer designs
New top part and optical fibres
Wall mount enclosure for ventilation technology
Small series tool for customised DIN rail enclosure
Application for sleep diagnostic; milled insert and wall suspension element (COMTEC)
handheld enclosure - customer design
Battery charger
Measuring instrument
Control panel medical equipment
Customer design incl. front foil
Customized DIN rail enclosure
customized DIN rail enclosure
Prototype lacquered (in combination with Robust-Box bottom part)
Prototype and part with double injection technique
Additional illumination plate for tuning knob
Milled enclosure parts in plastic and aluminum
Comprehensive technology portfolio
Bespoke enclosures and tuning knobs
CNC technology for tool inserts for injection molding
Analysis instrument for workplaces

Custom design

Individual design

In this way, highly individual enclosures and tuning knobs geared to your application can be created in close cooperation with you. We take account not only the design but also the material, the function and of course your budget.

Benefit from the combination with standard parts, e.g. the use of individual enclosure parts, battery compartment lids, battery clips etc. In this way, your individual enclosure can be created within a short time and at a reasonable cost.

By using different materials, you create visual variety, more functionality and comfort, for example:

  • Plastic & aluminum
    The materials of the enclosure can also be mixed. Plastic and aluminum. This creates a highly individual style and an interesting contrast. For example a front panel made of aluminum? Without doubt, the visual effect can be improved by the interaction of the materials, and the mixture can cast a new light on the product.
  • Hard & soft
    To place greater emphasis on ergonomic requirements, a material mix of hard/soft improves the touch and feel for the user. If required, we can offer customer-specific design of the molded parts or a combination with a functional part.

Additional functions

Here are some examples from our customers:

  • Optical fibers
    Customer-specific optical fibers with a convex design to match the curve of the top part.
  • Charging cradle 
    Special attachment for depositing mobile devices. With a holder for the charging and data transfer contacts.
  • Enclosure inserts, attachments
    For holding and contacting interface devices, installing scanners etc.
  • Wall mounting and desk-top display
    Individual wall mounting and display, adjusted to the load-carrying capacity and the required angle of inclination.
  • Illumination plate
    In a translucent design for the background lighting of the Star Knob operating element.
  • Handle
    For holding, guiding and remotely controlling the device. Hard/soft using double injection technology.


As a specialist in injection molding as well as milling and bending technology we can offer an efficient solution, depending on your requirements.

In addition we have a wide range of components, e.g. for mounting of PCBs, battery clips as well as many different plastic materials in stock, which are immediately available.

On the basis of the prototypes, you can examine the arrangement of the components and the fit as well as evaluate the design, before the actual production begins. In this way, expensive modifications during the production process can be avoided.

If required we can also finish the parts according to your wishes, e.g. lacquering, printing, aluminum coating etc. We can then finish off the housing with digital printed foils which can also be embossed in order to determine the functions of the keys. The results are faithful copies, close to series-type production, from a single source.

Tools for injection molding

Depending on your requirements and production quantity, we can build your tool or individual tool inserts in aluminum or steel in order to match your specified product quality and surface finish.

Our many years’ experience in enclosure technology and plastic processing guarantees an ideal solution for your task. Tailor-made tool design is decisive in ensuring quality, cost-effectiveness and return on investment.

We can combine different technologies. With small series, for example, subsequent machining of the plastic parts may be more cost-effective than complex tool designs with sliders for cavities and undercuts. Different designs can also be produced quickly and easily in this way. This saves you tooling costs and also reduces production time.

Milling and bending technology

Milled parts are produced from sheets or block material (aluminum, plastic) using 3D milling / CNC technology.

In this way, enclosure parts can be produced without investment in tools. In conjunction with standard parts, you can benefit from their advantages and have plenty of scope for your company-specific product design.

This bending process takes advantage of the thermal properties of plastics. The plastic sheets are first milled and then bent into the required shape.

Plastic sheets are available in various materials and different thicknesses.

We manufacture according to your drawing and ensure high precision and first-class quality. If required we can support you in the development of the parts and components.

We are pleased to realize your own individual solution together with you!
Experienced staff and optimum support in all project phases lead to successful implementation of even unusual project specifications. Just ask us!