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modular systems: enclosure with touchscreen
Interface-Terminal with touch screenInterface-Terminal with touch screenEVOTEC desktop enclosure with touchscreenCarrytec enclosure with touch screenCarrytec enclosure with touch screenSynergy enclosure with touch screenEVOTEC wall mounted enclosure with touchscreenmodular systems: enclosure with touchscreen
Interface-Terminal with touch screen
Interface-Terminal with touch screen
EVOTEC desktop enclosure with touchscreen
Carrytec enclosure with touch screen
Carrytec enclosure with touch screen
Synergy enclosure with touch screen
EVOTEC wall mounted enclosure with touchscreen
modular systems: enclosure with touchscreen


Thanks to the marketing partnership between OKW Gehäusesysteme and Hoffmann + Krippner, the specialist for input systems, also located in Buchen, standardised touchscreen solutions are available in various enclosure variants from the OKW range of products. 

Only software and application-specific programing is then required. We will be happy to help.
These operator terminals for monitoring and controlling in real time are suitable for a very diverse range of applications, e.g. in building services systems, medical and laboratory technology, plant and machine construction, heating and air conditioning, these are just a few examples.

A complete, modular system consists of at least the following components and processing stages:

  • Glass panel with frame printed on the rear side
  • Touch sensor bonded to the glass panel ("optical bonding")
  • PCAP analysis/controller
  • Standard commercial displays/display controllers
  • Enclosure with mounting options and cutouts for various outputs
  • (the complete front unit is bonded with the respective enclosure top part)

Enclosure variants (for drawings of the enclosures see the "Documents" tab)

    for ergonomically practical wall-mounted or desk-top applications
    7" (17.8 cm) / 10.4" (26.4 cm) touchscreen, ARM Cortex-A9, i.MX 6, scalable
    for mobile applications with carrying handle or for mounting on tripod / support arm systems
    7" (17.8 cm) / 10.4" (26.4 cm) touchscreen, ARM Cortex-A9, i.MX 6, scalable
  • SYNERGY E200
    for wall-mounted or desk-top applications
    4.3" (10.9 cm) touchscreen, ARM 9 processor with 450 MHz, embedded Linux

A key technology in production is "optical bonding". Here, the air gap between the PCAP foil and the glass panel is filled with a liquid bonding agent, and both components are reliably bonded – for optimum functioning of the PCAP system! For bonding achieves high optical quality for use in difficult lighting conditions, as well as high mechanical stability.

Individually adaptable

Standardized touch solutions can be easily adapted to your needs and the field of application in question.

The individual printing of the glass panel offers a high degree of flexibility. Together with the colored design of the enclosure and the control of the color display, your corporate design can be implemented 100%.

Some variants also have free areas for the installation of further circuit boards / components in the enclosure. This creates tailor-made solutions with additional functions.

The new marketing partnership between OKW Gehäusesysteme and Hoffmann + Krippner creates efficient and modern customer-specific solutions thanks to the bundling of competences. Benefit from our strengths and our years of experience. Together with you, we can implement your requirements with the right concept.

Besides the configurable touch system solutions described above, a large number of our standard enclosures are also ideal for use with other standard commercial touch systems, e.g. the Raspberry Pi 7" touch display (see Advanced Search, choose "Display Type / Size"). For installation purposes, we should be pleased to carry out any post-processing of our enclosures. Why not ask us!