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January 2020


We have extended our STYLE-CASE range of the highly polished handheld enclosures. Up to now, all versions included a battery compartment. A STYLE-CASE "L" is now also available in the color traffic white without a battery compartment - providing maximum space inside for the electronics. Applications include all kinds of remote controls, including those used in medical technology and in many areas of industry.


January 2020


After two years planning and construction, the move to the new administration building took place on Saturday, 30th November. This is located directly next to the previous headquarters of Odenwälder Kunststoffwerke Gehäusesysteme GmbH in Friedrich-List-Strasse in Buchen.

“Innovation with tradition" – this philosophy of the family-owned business, which has been based in Buchen since 1984, is the thread running through the construction project. It was important to preserve the basic structure of the building, which was built in the 1950s by Dr. Herbert Schneider, the grandfather of today's managing director Christoph Schneider.

“It is important for us to keep today's generations aware of the family and company history. This is the intention behind our OKW Museum, which has existed for many years and which covers the history of the company from its foundation to the present day. Not only the products, but above all the people, have made possible the basis on which we invest today for the future. In our new building there will therefore also be 'windows into the past' as reminders. We are very proud of the result – the combination of stable old stock and the latest technologies concerning climate and energy," says Managing Director Christoph Schneider.

In the previous office building, the individual departments were separated from each other by several building sections and very long walking distances. All administrative departments have now been brought together in a clear structure. In addition to attractive workplaces, central meeting area have also been set up to focus even more on cooperation in a pleasant environment.

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