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Laser marking
Laser marking

Laser marking

For individual labelling, identifying or marking

Laser marking is ideal for individual labelling, identifying or marking. In particular, very small machine-readable markings, e.g. QR codes, DataMatrix codes, barcodes, consecutive numbering of individual parts and individual texts, can be carried out quickly and easily with laser marking.

Laser marking

Suitable materials

  • ABS
  • ASA+PC
  • PC
  • PA
  • PA GF
  • Aluminum

Depending on the material, the following colors are suitable for particularly high-contrast marking

  • off-white
  • pebble gray
  • light gray
  • lava
  • black

The procedure

Laser marking involves a color change on the surface. Dark and light plastic parts turn gray at the points to be marked.

Simply ask our experts. We shall be pleased to advise you.

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