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Machining of Enclosures and Components

Machining of Enclosures and Components

We can perform individual machining processes for you, quickly and reliably, for sample or series production quantities. You receive your enclosures ready-to-use, and only have to install the electronics.

With our modern CNC machining facilities, we can produce individual solutions according to your design or a design proposed by us. We have detailed drawings of numerous enclosures or 3D models for your ideas, ready to download.


Milling, tapping, engraving, drilling, countersinking and stamping - there is practically no limit to the variety of shapes and designs.

Assembly options

For individual component configuration and optimization we can offer post processing.

Plastic and aluminum panels

As well as our standard range of front panels, we can also supply blanks made of plastic and aluminum in individual sizes and shapes or finished parts according to the customer's drawings.

Display windows

Depending upon the requirements, we can produce individual blanks of display screens or finished parts according to the customer's drawings to protect electronic displays. The maximum blank size is 19.567" x 15.630".