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September 2023

New Color Choice For OKW’s MINI-DATA-BOX Flanged IIoT/Sensor Enclosures

OKW’s flanged MINI-DATA-BOX plastic enclosures are now available in a new two-color option as standard: the base is traffic gray A (RAL 7042); the top is traffic white (RAL 9016).

MINI-DATA-BOX is a small, ‘go-anywhere’ housing that is ideal for a wide range of miniaturized electronics. Applications include IoT/IIoT, automation, security, environmental technology, measurement and control, smart logistics, peripherals, interfaces and ICT.

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July 2023

Robust DATEC-MOBIL-BOX Handheld Enclosures Now In Seven Versions

OKW’s DATEC-MOBIL-BOX handheld plastic enclosures for harsh environments are now available in seven versions. Robust DATEC-MOBIL-BOX is rated IP 65 (optional). These high-performance enclosures are ideal for mobile data recording and transfer, measuring and control, and stock and sales logging.

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May 2023

OKW’s New SOLID-BOX Plastic Enclosures for Industrial Electronics

OKW has launched tough new SOLID-BOX (IP 66/IP 67, IK 08) plastic enclosures for desktop and wall-mount electronics in challenging industrial and outdoor locations.

They are ideal for plant and machine construction, HVAC, IoT/IIoT, smart factory/Industry 4.0, gateways, data loggers, ICT, electrical installations, measurement and control, agriculture and farming, sensor systems and safety engineering.

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March 2023

OKW’s New CONNECT S Enclosures For Handheld Wired Electronics

OKW has added a new slimline S size to its CONNECT range of handheld plastic enclosures for wired electronics.

Versatile CONNECT is ideal for data systems engineering, networks, building services technology, safety engineering, IoT/ IIoT sensors, medical devices, measurement and control.

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February 2023

OKW’s Updated RAILTEC SUPPORT Modular DIN Rail PCB Holders

OKW’s RAILTEC SUPPORT open PCB holders for TH35, TH15 and G32 DIN rails are now available in light gray as standard to match the rest of the RAILTEC C series.

RAILTEC SUPPORT comprises a modular system of end sections (either with or without DIN rail mounting feet) and intermediate parts. The intermediate parts fit to the end sections and can be snapped together in series to achieve the desired support width.

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January 2023

OKW’s Pioneering FLAT-PACK CASE Celebrates 50th Anniversary

OKW is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its award-winning FLAT-PACK CASE – the world’s first standard plastic enclosure for electronic and electrical installations.

FLAT-PACK CASE’s popular and enduring design makes it perfect for a wide range of desktop and wall-mount electronics. Applications include medical and wellness, measurement and control, laboratory equipment and computer peripherals.

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