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August 2021

Why OEM Design Engineers Are Specifying OKW's EVOTEC Plastic Enclosures

Discover why OEM electronics designers are specifying OKW's elegant and ergonomic new EVOTEC plastic enclosures for their desktop and wall-mount electronics. Tough, smart and IP-rated EVOTEC cases are perfect for modern medical, laboratory, environmental, IIoT, peripherals and smart-automation electronics. The enclosures are molded in ASA+PC-FR plastic which makes them suitable for indoor commercial and industrial environments as well as outdoor use.

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June 2021

Compare Plastic Enclosures For Desktop Electronics

OKW offers a wide range of sloping-front enclosures to address subtle differences in application requirements. There are elements of ‘overlap’ in the designs so three or four different models could be contenders for your perfect housing. Compare them here...

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April 2021

How To Specify Customized Plastic Enclosures For Your Electronics

You want fully finished electronic enclosures that are component-ready: RFI/EMI shielded plastic enclosures in the right custom colour, with all the cutouts already machined and all the logos and legends printed.

You want your enclosures to be perfect. Out of the box and on to your production line, ready for your PCBs and connectors – no friction, no wasted time. So you search online for custom enclosures. But if you’re serious about maximizing efficiencies, what you really need are customised electronic enclosures. Here’s the best way to specify them…

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February 2021

New SLIM-CASE Handheld Enclosures For OEM Mobile Electronics

Think about the enclosure you hold most every day, the one you’re virtually addicted to: your mobile phone. If you were designing a new phone (or a data transfer device you wanted to look and feel like a mobile), which plastic enclosure would you specify?

SLIM-CASE is a brand new range of sleek, sophisticated and robust handheld enclosures designed specifically for mobile electronics. Applications include measuring and control, wireless communications, IoT/IIoT, healthcare, laboratories, offices, safety engineering and environmental technology.

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January 2021

Implementing Industry 4.0 – With The Right IIoT Enclosures

Industry 4.0 – the new frontier of manufacturing – offers tantalizing opportunities but for newcomers the learning curve can feel very steep. IIoT’s technological barriers to entry can seem daunting. Here’s how specifying the right IIoT enclosures can help you to overcome key design challenges in the implementation of Industry 4.0.

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