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September 2023


Which tough, IP-rated plastic enclosure is best for your industrial electronics? Compare OKW’s advanced SOLID-BOX, SMART-BOX, IN-BOX and ROBUST-BOX enclosures.

Discover which models have the best IK impact rating, which offer the right level of ingress protection for your application, and which have the best technical features to meet your requirements.

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May 2023

Why SKILLQUBE Chose OKW’s CARRYTEC Plastic Enclosures

Simulators are not just for training airline pilots. Doctors and other clinicians are also using sophisticated simulation technology to hone their medical skills – and they’re training with devices housed in enclosures manufactured and customized by OKW.

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March 2023

50 Years On: The World’s First Standard Plastic Enclosure (And What Came Next…)

Fifty years ago, OKW unveiled the world’s first standard plastic enclosure for electronic and electrical installations. FLAT-PACK CASE was a pioneering product that would transform the marketplace – and be the springboard for many more innovations from OKW.

Starting with FLAT-PACK CASE, here are the top 10 OKW enclosures that helped change the way the electronics industry presented its products to successive generations of end-users. Discover what made these enclosures great – and see how it still holds true today.

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