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Handheld enclosures for medical electronics... Sloping front enclosures for medical laboratories... Portable enclosures for individual patient care electronics...

enclosures & knobs for medical and oem electronics

COVID-19 Latest Update 03/27/2020


Following the Pennsylvania order for the physical locations of all non-life-sustainable businesses to close, we have updated our working practices. Our physical location will not be closing. We are a critical supplier to the medical industry with components essential to produce medical equipment, many of which are important to help fight this virus. We will stay open for as long as possible to support these vital customers.

Employees who can work from home are doing so now. Our factories are now working split shifts to ensure social distancing protocols are met. We have good supplies of raw materials and components. Almost all of the enclosures' parts are produced in-house. While the situation is very fluid at the moment, freight is still moving. Shipments from our Bridgeville, PA warehouse are still leaving.

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For over 70 years OKW has set the design standards in the electronics industry for standard plastic enclosures, aluminum enclosures and tuning knobs.

Today we offer our customers a full service solution with every conceivable customizing technology and process — so we can supply your enclosures fully finished and ready for mounting your electronics. Search our award-winning range below, then let us know what modifications you need it to meet your exact requirements.


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ready-to-use enclosures


All OKW products can be supplied fully customized to your exact specifications. We will deliver your enclosures and tuning knobs ready to use - all you have to do is assemble your equipment inside. Talk to us about your specific requirements today!

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