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OKW Enclosures, Inc.

The Enclosures Specialist

OKW is a leading manufacturer of plastic and metal enclosures for OEM electronics equipment. Our US program includes three leading brands; our own OKW and METCASE lines, plus partner product line TEKO Enclosures.

This unique combination allows us to offer our customers a truly comprehensive range of enclosures. Our sales team is on hand to offer expert advice on the selection and integration of our housing systems.

We can also carry out all the machining and modifications required to fit your electronic components. We provide fully finished housings ready for final assembly of your equipment.

Our Quality Management Systems for OKW and METCASE comply with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 for the design, manufacture and distribution of plastic and metal enclosures.

With such a huge range of enclosures to choose from, we are confident that we can offer the right housing solution for your project.

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Partner Enclosures

METCASE Metal Enclosures
OKW also manufactures the METCASE range of aluminum instrument enclosures and 19" rack cases. These can be supplied fully customized in quantities from 10 pcs. METCASE can also manufacture bespoke enclosures and sheet metal work to customer drawings and specifications.

TEKO Electronic Enclosures
OKW is the US importer for TEKO enclosures. TEKO manufacture an extensive range of modern and classic enclosures in plastic and metal. Specifically for handheld, desktop and wall mount electronics, low cost PCs (e.g. Raspberry Pi), and RF equipment.

Electronics Division

Our electronics division is the US representative for leading component manufacturers CamdenBoss Ltd and RF Solutions Ltd. Products include PCB terminal blocks, fuses, electrical connectors, DIN rail enclosures, FM radio modules, OEM FM remote control systems and antennas.


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PA 15017, USA

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Electronic Enclosures
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