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You can download the customer magazine INSIDE, assembly instructions and certifications here.

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OKW Customer magazine INSIDE 12/2023

Highlights of this issue:

- SOLID-BOX - Elegant IP66/67 enclosure for industrial applications
- Measuring Technology - Modern enclosures for today's accurate and reliable measuring technology.

INSIDE Magazine 10/2022

Highlights of this issue:

- MINI-DATA-BOX - All new flanged go-anywhere enclosures for miniaturized electronics
- CONTROL-KNOBS - Tuning knobs for menu-driven electronics
- Plus product updates/additions and company news.

OKW INSIDE Magazine 06/2021

Highlights of this issue:

SMART-PANEL - Elegant wall-mount enclosure for modern control units
SLIM-CASE - Slim design handheld enclosure

Customer magazine INSIDE 05/2020

Highlight of this issue:

EASYTEC - Flanged enclosures for smart sensors. Wall or pole mountable
SMART-CONTROL - Designer enclosures for mounting in wall corners

Download INSIDE 05/2019

Highlight of this issue:

In this issue of our customer magazine INSIDE we focus on the "Enclosures Design Process". We also highlight our new products including PROTEC designer sloping front enclosures; STYLE-CASE handheld cases, IN-BOX, BODY-CASE and EVOTEC. We also look at RFI/EMI shielding and celebrate 40 years of OKATRON our French company...

Customer magazine INSIDE 01/2018

Highlight of this issue:

SMART-TERMINAL - Sophisticated aluminum profile enclosures for central control units.

Customer magazine INSIDE 02/2017

Highlight of this issue:

EVOTEC - Robust new enclosures for contemporary desktop applications

Customer magazine INSIDE 01/2017

Highlight of this issue:

STYLE-CASE - Highly polished and ergonomic handheld enclosure.

Customer magazine INSIDE 12/2016 - special edition

The "Turtle" is celebrating its birthday.

Customer magazine INSIDE 01/2016

Highlight of this issue:

BODY-CASE - The new enclosure for wearable electronics.

Customer magazine INSIDE 02/2015

Highlight of this issue:

CONNECT - The new enclosure for wired applications.

Customer magazine INSIDE 01/2015

Highlight of this issue:

Compact handheld enclosures. The new DATEC-COMPACT.

Customer magazine INSIDE 02/2014

Highlight of this issue:

Harmonious blend of materials. The new SYNERGY.

Customer magazine INSIDE 01/2014

Highlight of this issue:

Elegant and sophisticated. The new NET-BOX.

Customer magazine INSIDE 01/2013

Hightlight of this issue:

The new BLOB series designer ergonomic enclosures.

Enclosures and operating elements for embedded solutions

Embedded systems are at the heart of many products, machines and intelligent processes, performing important control, regulation and monitoring tasks. To ensure that your electronic components are optimally protected from external influences, we offer you a wide variety of enclosure and tuning knobs which are ideally suited to your applications. Learn more in this detailed brochure.

Enclosures and Tuning Knobs for Medical Electronics

OKW's range of enclosures and tuning knobs are perfect for many different applications in the medical electronics field. For example handheld, wall and table-top mounted medical equipment in hospitals, dental surgeries and in the wellness industry. The enclosures can also be mounted to suspension arms, trollies, bed frames and hospital DIN rails (EN ISO 19054).

SMART Enclosures For SMART Technology

View our extensive range of enclosures for IIoT and sensor technology. These are suitable for mounting on machines, profiles, tubes and desktops. Enclosures for wearable technology are also included. For product selection, drawings and part numbers see our website.

Main OKW Overview Catalog

Our main catalog provides a detailed overview of our entire enclosures and tuning knobs program. For ordering information please use the website..

OKW Tuning Knobs Catalog 2022

Review our extensive range of tuning and control knobs. Plus customizing options. Full product selection, technical information and part-numbers are included.

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

OKW Quality Management

ISO 9001:2015 IQNet Certificate

OKW Quality Management

RoHS, WEEE, REACH directives compliance statement


Our products meet the requirements of the environmental directives and regulations such as REACH, RoHS, WEEE etc.

OKW is

OKW is an "Authorised economic operator AEO/F"

This audit can be viewed on the European Commission online database using the  link below.

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