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OKW Head Office, Germany
Management Team
OKW your partner for enclosures
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OKW Gehäusesysteme

Sixty Years of Progress and Innovation in Enclosures

OKW is a recognized leader in plastic enclosures technology. Our constant focus on innovation and new technology has lead to the development of products with global appeal in today's electronics industry.

OKW was founded in 1948 by Dr. Herbert Schneider, the grandfather of today's Managing Director Christoph Schneider.

Based in Buchen in southern Germany, the company began as a manufacturer of tuning knobs and technical moldings for the TV and radio industry.

In 1972 we launched the worlds first "standard" off-the-shelf plastic enclosures - the Flat-Pack series. Since then our range has grown into the extensive program available today.

Innovation is the driving force at OKW. This has lead to the development of many exciting new products. Moreover, many of our products have received awards for innovation and design excellence.

However, investment in the future is not only focused on new products, but also on our manufacturing technology and highly motivated staff. Our
production facilities are equipped with the latest molding machines and our
staff benefit from an ongoing training program.

OKW products are recognized not only by the quality of their design, but also by the quality of their manufacture. Perfect fit and finish, structural and
dimensional stability, and color consistancy are features of all our products. You can always rely upon an OKW product.

OKW is an international company. We export over 50% of our production through our subsidiary companies and our extensive network of agents and distributors in the major world markets.

OKW Turtle

Many customers ask us why we use a turtle as our trademark.
The answer is simple: In the wild, turtles are highly successful creatures with housings that are perfectly adapted to their environment. In the same way our housings are developed to perfectly suit their intended environment.

Company Profile

Head Office & Manufacturing
Odenwälder Kunststoffwerke
Gehäusesysteme GmbH
Friedrich-List-Str. 3
74722 Buchen

Management Team
Christoph Schneider
Yvonne Ellwanger

108 staff

Products & Services
Standard plastic enclosures in sizes from 0.47"x0.47"x0.59" to 14.17"x9.44"x6.29", plus extruded aluminum enclosures from 3.93"x3.93"x1.57" up to 11.10"x6.69"x1.96", and tuning and control knobs in sizes from ø10 mm to ø50 mm. Custom machining, finishing and special colors etc. Custom design enclosures.

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate
ISO 9001:2015 IQNET Certificate
UL 746 C (ALVACOAT®-method)

Worldwide Sales Network
Not in North America? OKW products are available worldwide through our international sales network. Find your local sales partner here...