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December 2019


The basis of the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) and the IoT is to make things smarter by making them communicate with each other. The focus here is on sensors which are embedded in the devices and which constantly gather and centrally deliver data concerning machinery and special work scenarios or data about the entire value-added chain. The new EASYTEC wall-mounted enclosure series was developed specially for these modern sensor applications.

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November 2019


A new holder for our CONNECT enclosures is now available for securely storing the device when it is not in use. The holder can be fitted to walls or machines with screws. The CONNECT range consists of 3 different sizes, in off-white and black colors, which differ only in length. A cutout on the underside of the new accessory makes it easy to store wired devices.

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October 2019

OKW's New Laser Marking Service

OKW now offers laser marking for numerous plastic enclosures and components from its standard range. The Laser process is ideal for individual labelling, identifying or marking.

In particular, very small machine-readable markings, e.g. QR codes, barcodes, consecutive numbering of individual parts and individual texts, can be carried out quickly and easily with laser marking.

Suitable materials are: ABS, ASA+PC, ASA+PC-FR, PC, PA, PA GF as well as aluminum. The colours off-white, pebble gray, light gray, lava and black are particularly suitable for high-contrast marking - depending on the material.

Laser marking involves a color change on the surface. Dark and light plastics turn gray at the points being marked. Simply ask our sales team for more information. We will be very pleased to advise you!

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September 2019

SMART-CONTROL - Enclosures For Room Corners

Our new SMART-CONTROL is the first enclosure for easy installation in any room corner. As a rule, this type of electronics is placed as high up in the corner (next to the ceiling) as possible; this position is ideal for wide-area room monitoring, saves space and protects the equipment from damage or tampering. In addition, these enclosures can also be mounted on a wall or table-top at an ergonomically inclined angle.

SMART-CONTROL is available in 2 sizes (H x W x D): 5.59" x 3.18" x 1.81" / 6.81" x 3.97" x 2.32", is molded in the flame-resistant material ASA+PC-FR (UL 94 V-0) with high UV protection, and in the standard colour off-white (RAL 9002).

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September 2019

OKW Doubles Digital Printing Capacity

"With our latest investment in two additional digital printers, we are continuing our growth in the individualization of our enclosures and tuning knobs" explains Production Manager Helmut Böhrer.

The result is a doubling of our printing capacity in our enclosures processing center. We now have two digital printers each for the production of decor foils, and for digital printing of enclosure and knob parts. OKW is now in an ideal position to serve a broad spectrum of printing requirements. This innovative technology easily meets the today's high standards of quality and precision.

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August 2019


OKW’s CONNECT enclosures for wired electronics are now available as standard in black as well as off-white.

CONNECT can be connected to a cable, sit between cables or act as a node for USB connectors. Applications include medical and wellness, data systems engineering, machine control, robotics, IoT/IIoT, measuring and control.

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May 2019


In the current issue of our customer magazine INSIDE we focus on the "Enclosures Design Process". We also highlight our new products including PROTEC designer sloping front enclosures; STYLE-CASE handheld cases, IN-BOX, BODY-CASE and EVOTEC. We also look at RFI/EMI shielding and celebrate 40 years of OKATRON our French company...

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March 2019


OKW has launched two new adapters that enable any small plastic enclosures including the EVOTEC enclosures 100 and 150 to be mounted on a DIN rail – saving space and speeding up installations. DIN RAIL ADAPTER B6811751 is designed to fit TH35, TH15 and G32 DIN rails. The second ADAPTER (B1300017, off-white or B1300019, black) fits TH35 and G32 rails.

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February 2019

PROTEC Enclosures Now Sealed To IP 65

A recent protection class test in accordance with DIN EN 60529 confirms the high protection class IP 65 for our PROTEC plastic enclosures when fitted with the seal kit (accessory, please order separately). All three standard sizes: 140/180 and 220 are certified. The tests were conducted by an independent external testing institute. This means that the enclosures effectively protect sensitive electronics even under harsh operating conditions.

In the case of special modifications or the installation of accessories, we recommend that you finished products should be re-certified to confirm the rating.

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