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Lateral screw fixing knobs

tuning knobs with lateral screw fixing

Modern and practical tuning knobs with lateral fixing screw

The OKW range of tuning knobs with lateral screw fixing is designed for rotary potentiometers with round shaft ends in accordance with DIN 41591. Depending on requirements, there are traditional and modern knob designs. Thanks to the large selection of types, you have the opportunity of giving your appliances their own individual "face". Simply select the marking element and determine the function of the tuning knob. Or achieve a high-quality metal effect with an aluminum cap or insert embellisher. For the various applications there are tuning knobs made of thermoplastic or duroplastic for improved thermal properties.

Lateral screw fixing knobs


ø16mm, ø20mm, ø24mm, ø31mm, ø40mm

Tuning Knobs 'classic'

ø11mm - ø38mm