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Tuning knobs 'classic'

Tuning Knobs 'classic'

Practical Range of Tuning Knobs

Choose a knob that meets your own special size and design requirements. OKW TUNING KNOBS are suitable for many different applications and are offered in thermoplastic for normal use and thermosetting plastic (Duroplast) for high temperature resistance requirements.

  • different designs and sizes: practical, with a good grip
  • high-grade metal effect with aluminum cap or insert embellisher; the color and styling of your front panel thus forms a unified whole
  • models with markings; advantageous for adjusting and indicating
  • lateral screw fixing for rotary potentiometer with shaft ends
  • sizes from ø 12 to ø 38 mm with spindle sizes 4 mm or 6 mm
  • accessory insert: reduces borehole from 6 to 4 mm

Application fields

For rotary potentiometers with shaft ends corresponding to DIN 41591.
  • Measuring and control technology
  • Medical and wellness devices
  • Laboratory equipment.
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Communication equipment
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  • Accessories
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A1300040 Insert


Insert Universally usable for reducing the center hole from 6 to 4 mm.

Supply 1 reduction insert



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ABS (UL 94 HB)
black RAL 9005
Bore hole 4mm

Customizing options for Tuning Knobs 'classic'

What do you still need for your own very personal product? We can supply enclosures and tuning knobs with all necessary modifications for fitting your electronic components.