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Manual control for gentle colonoscopy, invendo

Manual control for gentle colonoscopy

invendo medical, based in Kissing (near Munich) and New York, is a leading developer of disposable endoscopy products in the field of gastroenterology which are hygienically safe and which, unlike conventional endoscopes, employ a "no manual push" remote control advancement technology. For patients, this means a significant improvement in comfort and tolerance in endoscopic applications.

So-called "Invendoscopy" is used for the early detection of colorectal cancer and in the diagnosis of many kinds of intestinal disorders. It allows a gentle examination to be carried out, without medication. This gentle colonoscopy is supported by the high degree of flexibility of the materials used and a special feed mechanism, through which practically no pressure is exerted on the wall of the intestine.

The innovative manual control technology is housed in the new BLOB PANEL by OKW. The decisive factor was the special design of the enclosure, which makes it particularly pleasant for users. The manual control was developed according to the principles of universal design, allowing it to be held securely and naturally with little effort, and guided and operated accurately, regardless of hand size and grasping volume. Operation with one hand is also possible.

The unit is operated with a membrane keyboard, a joystick as well as a capacitive keypad on the underside of the enclosure for confirmation purposes. For barrier-free use, invendo medical offers 2 versions with adaptations to the membrane keyboard, for the size and arrangement of the keypad were also developed according to ergonomic standards, allowing the unit to be controlled with small and large hands.
To ensure safe use of the equipment and to protect the installed electronics from external interference, the plastic enclosures have been coated with aluminium on the inside. In the vicinity of the capacitive keypad, there are partial cutouts in the aluminium coating. With a coating thickness of 2.5 µm, this makes a shielding effect of 30 to 40 dB possible in the frequency range of 30 to 1000 MHz.

Openings in the operating area for connecting the supplied membrane keyboard and in the separate finger recess for joystick control were cut out by means of mechanical processing.

It was also possible to route the cables exactly where they support the even balance of the manual control unit and do not disturb the user. To install the cable gland, which serves as kink protection and provides an attractive finish, only a cylindrical hole needed to be drilled in the region of the shadow gap between the top and bottom parts of the enclosure. Special glands to match the design are available in the OKW range of accessories, as well as a seal to increase the protection class.


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