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Bespoke enclosures and tuning knobs
Bespoke enclosures and tuning knobs

Bespoke enclosures and tuning knobs

Bespoke enclosures and tuning knobs to your exact specifications

We are pleased to pass on to you our many years of experience in the development and manufacture of plastic cases and tuning knobs. Despite our best efforts, standard enclosures can never meet all individual customer requirements. Through the combination of standard and custom parts, you benefit from the attractive relationship between investment and usefulness.

Standard designs (individual sizes / additions)

We can develop your customer-specific enclosure adaptations on the basis of the standard products. We can design special enclosures to meet your needs and requirements and produce the parts in existing plastic materials.

We can adapt …

  • individual components, e.g. lower or higher top and bottom parts with your cutouts, or
  • the size of the entire enclosure
  • custom cutouts for interfaces, displays, operating elements and LEDs

Your advantages:

  • combination with standard parts ensures cost-effectiveness solutions 
  • with a special size, you have your enclosure exactly adapted and produced to fit your electronics
  • rely on OKWs innovative technology – save valuable time in development and time-to-market
  • uniform design feature – this is an advantage for your product portfolio when using different sizes and series of enclosures
  • aesthetic design and high quality from the specialist

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