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individual printing on enclosures
Digital printing on the enclosureSilk-screen printng at OKWTampo printing at OKWDigital printng at OKWPlastic parts, printed in many colorsLabel printed in many colorsCOMTEC enclosure with silk-screen printingSMART-CASE with silk-screen printingSilk-screen printing on pushbuttonsTuning knobs with all-round printingEnclosures with digital printingindividual printing on enclosures
Digital printing on the enclosure
Silk-screen printng at OKW
Tampo printing at OKW
Digital printng at OKW
Plastic parts, printed in many colors
Label printed in many colors
COMTEC enclosure with silk-screen printing
SMART-CASE with silk-screen printing
Silk-screen printing on pushbuttons
Tuning knobs with all-round printing
Enclosures with digital printing
individual printing on enclosures


We are pleased to print for you

  • Plastic, aluminum and steel parts: enclosures, control panels, display windows, front panels, covers, tuning knobs, lids, dials etc.
  • Foils: design foils, stickers, type plates, labels, sales packaging etc.
  • Glass: printing on the rear side by digital printing

Our specialities

  • accurate one-colour and multi-colour prints, colour gradations are also possible
  • all-round printing
  • different versions in design, with consecutive numbering and barcodes


  • Digital printing
    The digital printing process (photo quality, 1800x1800 dpi max.) allows different versions without a great deal of trouble, e.g. in design, with consecutive numbering, barcodes, technical specifications, etc. Color gradations and white as a full-tone color are also possible.

    As a specialist, we can print plastic surfaces (ABS, PC, ASA, ASA-PC) with a height difference of up to 0.098". We can also apply your individual motifs and lettering directly onto the enclosure and control panels! On request we can also produce the printable data for you.

    For lettering and colour design, we can digitally produce decor foils quickly and easily for small batches starting with 1 unit. Find out about the options available.
  • Screen/tampo printing
    For screen and tampo printing, all colors are made for you in our own mixing unit. This guarantees short preparation and processing times. The colors can be defined according to RAL, Pantone or your customer sample. On request we can also produce an image and film for you.

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