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Handheld Enclosures For Wired Electronics

Details matter – and the smaller the enclosure, the smaller those details tend to be. But small details are no less important than the larger ones. Even a simple item like a cable gland can be made better.

So we did.

Cable glands are now available as an integrated option on three of the four SMART-CASE models (M, L and XL), making these elegant housings even smarter than usual. Integrated cable glands add an extra touch of quality. They help to remind your customers (not that they needed reminding) that they’re holding a premium product.

The glands are available in three types for cable sizes 3.4-4.2 mm, 4.2-5.0 mm and 5.0-5.9 mm. They come in Gray or Black to match the housings’ standard colors – Off White (RAL 9002) and Black (RAL 9005).

SMART-CASE has been designed to be ergonomic and tactile. It’s available in ABS and also PMMA for infrared remote control applications. XS cases are rated to IP40 as standard. M, L and XL cases are IP41. Optional sealing kits enable the L and XL models to be uprated to IP 65.

The cases can also be ordered with battery compartments for AAA, AA or 9V batteries. Accessories include belt clips, key rings, eyelets, hand straps, lanyards, wall holders, bed clamps, desk stations and the 4-in-1 vehicle holding system.

SMART-CASE is one of 14 ranges of handheld enclosures designed and manufactured by OKW.