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Why do we offer 18 different models of handheld PCB enclosures? Why so many?

After all, 18 is almost as many as our desktop and wall mounted enclosure ranges put together! It’s not just because it makes customization quicker and more cost effective – though that’s a pretty good reason in itself.

No – it’s because ergonomics are so much more important for handheld enclosures.

True, ergonomics are important for all our products…but even more so for our handheld enclosures. They must be supremely tactile. And comfortable to hold for long periods. And intuitive to use – we designed our BLOB range specifically to guide users’ hands to the controls. They also have to look great. So the product piques your curiosity and makes you want to pick it up. Building in desire at enclosure level makes your products more salable.

All of which means that specifying handheld enclosures requires extra thought – or you risk missing out on all the various opportunities available.

Aside from the obvious considerations of size and IP rating, here are four other questions to think about: