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Standard OKW enclosures with accessory stations

Demand for mobile, portable and wearable electronics has grown exponentially – and with that comes the burgeoning desire for more sophisticated charging solutions.

Today’s users expect the convenience of docking stations as a matter of course. They’re becoming less inclined to remove rechargeable cells from a battery cradle to recharge them. It’s a time-consuming chore – particularly if their power-hungry device continually needs feeding with new or topped-up cells.

So the onus is on electronics manufacturers to provide docking stations – but that has often meant specifying custom enclosures for them. This can be costly (especially in small batches) and it also delays time to market in a sector where speed is vital.

But now there’s a much greater choice of standard enclosures that offer charging stations as optional accessories. And they can all be supplied fully customized ready for your electronics, even in low volumes. Contact OKW and ask us for free samples.