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5. Bigger Ranges, More Choice At Launch

New enclosure ranges are often now much larger at launch: a broad spectrum of options from the word ‘go’.

We launched SYNERGY extruded aluminum enclosures in four plan shapes – square, round rectangular and oval – each in three sizes. Masses of choice from day one.

EVOTEC (IP 65) designer table top enclosures made their debut in two distinct versions (flat top and sloping top) and one of those (sloping) offered two variants (recessed or non-recessed). Not content with that we added a new 200 medium plan size (7.87" x 4.88") in October…and have just unveiled a new small 150 plan size (5.90" x 3.66").

And even ranges that were really big to start with have continued to grow – such as award-winning MINITEC, some of OKW’s smallest enclosures.

Smart design means these tiny handheld cases (ideal for remote control applications) are available in a huge number of standard permutations: two shapes, three sizes, lots of colours. So they’re less likely to need customization.