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Blog - April 2018

Life is getting more demanding for plastic electronic enclosures. These days they must be waterproof, resistant to intense UV rays  – and tough enough to take a beating.

But we’re not talking about the great outdoors. No, this is all about another challenging environment that can spell disaster for fragile electronics…

Your customers’ desks.

Especially if those desks happen to be in the medical sector. Hospitals, surgeries and care home are wonderful at taking care of people but they’re not always so kind to electronics over the long term. So today’s new generation of table-top enclosures should be:

  • IP rated against water and dust ingress – find out here which IP rating is best for your enclosures
  • molded from a UV stable plastic such as ASA+PC-FR – because sunlight can rot plastics even indoors
  • tough but with ergonomic bevels – curves are not just more comfortable, they also seem to be better at shrugging off impacts
  • highly stable with non-slip rubber feet (they may be prosaic but they work!)
  • assembled with stainless steel Torx screws to prevent tampering (a ‘must have’ specification for the medical sector).

Which is why we launched EVOTEC IP 65 designer table-top enclosures. And you've been buying a lot of them. So many in fact that we’ve just unveiled another new size…