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NEW EVOTEC 100 Table-Top Enclosures

Joining EVOTEC sizes 150 (5.90" x 3.66"), 200 (7.87" x 4.88") and 250 (9.84" x 6.10") is the new size 100 (3.93" x 2.44"). All four sizes feature a flat top. The 200 and 250 are also available with sloping tops (either recessed or non-recessed). They’re canted at a 12° angle for optimum comfort.

Every EVOTEC features a large operating area in the top panel for switches, pushbuttons and touchscreen displays – along with screw pillars in the top and base for installing your PCBs.

EVOTEC Customised To Your Specifications

Standard EVOTEC offers you benefits that the average enclosure can’t because it anticipates so many design requirements. Why specify a custom enclosure when an off-the-shelf EVOTEC already ticks all the boxes?

And even when you do need to go custom, EVOTEC’s high standard specifications mean that less customization is needed. Less time, less cost to get your perfect PCB-ready enclosure.