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Specifying custom enclosures for your electronics usually means asking for more – such as CNC machining, better flammability resistance, a higher IP rating, RFI/EMI shielding, foils and printing.

Often you just want your enclosures in a non-standard color. Not ‘more’, just ‘different’; a color that sets your cases apart from the default livery.

But sometimes, specifying custom PCB cases means asking for less…

The Power Of ‘Less’

Asking for less is usually driven by financial pragmatism. You’re not cutting corners. You’re not under-engineering. You’re simply trying to avoid over-specification. Perhaps you like a particular model from our range of plastic enclosures. It’s pretty much perfect for your application – but maybe one feature exceeds your requirements. So why pay for something you don’t need?

Just ask us how much the enclosure would cost if we didn’t include the features that are superfluous to your needs. It’s important feedback for our designers so we very much welcome your thoughts.

Sometimes asking for ‘less’ on a particular enclosure makes such good sense that it becomes a popular choice among customers. So much so that we end up introducing it as a standard option.

Here are three examples...