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OKW Houses RF-Embedded’s UHF RFID Readers

RF-Embedded approached OKW for a standard enclosure for a passive UHF RFID reader.

The reader generates an energy field from electromagnetic waves. As soon as a passive UHF transponder enters the energy field, it sends the content of its memory to the relevant RFID reader. This is ideal for logistics, data acquisition and access control. The reader supports operating systems including Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

The advantages of a UHF reader are the high range and the ability to read several transponders simultaneously. The UHF evaluation unit controls the data exchange with the RFID antennas and/or the sensor/actuator level, communicates with the higher-level control level and makes it possible to configure the device.

Why OKW’s SNAPTEC Wall Mount Enclosures?

RF-Embedded chose OKW’s SNAPTEC wall mount enclosures for its RFID readers. Tried and tested SNAPTEC is robust, rated to IP 65 and quick to assemble thanks to its smart design.

These ABS (UL 94 HB) enclosures are typically used for small low voltage devices – time controllers, coded control units, relays, medical technology and home automation. Their big advantage is that they offer snap-together assembly – significantly speeding up installation times (and offering cost benefits). The sealing gasket is pre-fitted in the top for added ease.

The enclosures can be disassembled equally quickly too with the aid of a nylon opening tool (supplied) – or a screwdriver – for rapid servicing and maintenance. PCBs are mounted on screw pillars in the base and top.

There are no visible fixings. The access holes for opening the lid are hidden beneath cover plugs (supplied) and the screw shafts for mounting the enclosures are concealed. Alternative external wall mounting brackets are also available if preferred. Accessories also include cable grommets and pressure equalization elements.