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SYNERGY – Metal And Plastic In Perfect Harmony – iF Product Design Award 2015

To say that SYNERGY was a revolution is an understatement. Four years on, it still is. Why? Two crucial factors…

First and foremost – SYNERGY combines metal and plastic in what at the time was a radical departure for OKW. And not just any metal either. We’re talking high grade extruded aluminium that has been anodized then polished to a gorgeous satin lustre by blasting it with glass beads.

Secondly, there’s the innovative pillar-based construction method that enables the ASA+PC-FR plastic top to be secured with no visible fixing screws. If you look closely, you’ll find the screws on the base of the enclosure…but only if you remove the non-slip rubber feet first (otherwise the screws completely hidden).

Add to that the fact that SYNERGY is available in four shapes and 36 standard sizes (all available from day one) and it is no wonder that this range has opened up new design horizons for OKW’s customers.