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MINITEC – Small Enclosures, Huge Choice – iF Product Design Award 2009

If small is beautiful then MINITEC is gorgeous. Especially in such a bewildering array of shapes, sizes and bright colour combinations. Part of MINITEC’s charm is its sheer simplicity: two ABS (or PMMA) sections sandwiching a soft-touch TPE intermediate ring. Wear on a lanyard, clip it to a belt or key ring, strap it to your wrist, pop it in your pocket – versatile MINITEC is the go-to housing for personal electronics.

And it’s the ‘personal’ bit of that last point that’s so important. If users are going to wear or keep an enclosure in close proximity to their body for long periods of time then they must be absolutely comfortable with it. And in the case of MINITEC, they are.

Even robots like it (and they’re not renowned for their emotions). Ten years after winning an iF award, MINITEC – an enclosure designed to appeal to humans – is finding a new market in IIoT Industry 4.0 applications…helping robots to identify tagged products as they are transported around the smart factory floor.