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Let us come back now to the actual topic of "Industry 4.0" and IIoT "Industrial Internet of Things". There is a significant dižfference between the two concepts – in short, Industry 4.0 is a high-tech strategy for promoting the digitization of industrial production; IIoT is the concrete use of smart technologies in the manufacturing industry. Many companies are currently discussing the question of how to make internal processes transparent and how to optimize them across dižfferent levels/organisations. In IIoT, it is also basically a question of making things smarter by making them communicate with each other.

The focus here is on sensors which are embedded in the devices and which constantly gather and centrally deliver data concerning machinery and special application scenarios or data about the user and the entire value-added chain. The main objectives are always the same: providing better quality, optimizing processes and streamlining operations, optimizing the use of resources, completing orders faster and delivering them faster to the customers. In addition, an important objective is to significantly shorten the market introduction cycle for new products in order to gain a competitive advantage.