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Q: Apart from the fact that you can incorporate into the new version all the experience that OKW has gained with the tried and tested enclosure, the current design trends flow into the new design. The experience values also include past – and potentially future – customer requirements.

A: Yes, and above all the experience we had in purely technical terms with the predecessor. In fact, it is particularly important with this design that we should show very few enclosures from the front, so that a large customizable user interface can quickly turn the product into the customer’s own product.

There is thus very little design on the plastic enclosure itself that could stand in the customer's way. This is what makes the quality of this design so special.

The inclination was taken from the previous model, there was no reason to remove it from the form language of the product. What is actually new is that we decided to develop it in a square form. This in turn has to do with customer requirements.

With the old enclosures, we had small display surfaces in the head area of the operating area. Today, user interfaces are often designed with generous dimensions and preferably with landscape orientation rather than in portrait format. With an enclosure that hangs on the wall in portrait format, I would then have a lot of remaining space in the rectangular shape with a landscape-format operating panel below the screen.

In future, however, everything will take place in a more compact environment than before. Electronics are getting smaller and smaller, visualisation requirements are increasing and complexity is extremely high. For this reason, finished components are used for visualisation, and this must be taken into account at the planning stage. Now we could make a landscape-format enclosure, and this would best meet the requirements of a modern display.

However, we know that standard enclosures are used when the standard elements or display sizes that already exist can be combined with other functional elements. A few buttons, a rotary knob, a laser, a loudspeaker, some other function is usually added.

With the square footprint, the installation of a rectangular display leaves a residual area – not too large – which can be used for additional functions. The customer’s main focus is thus on tomorrow. And with the new version, the product remains unique, aesthetically up to date, not only now, but also in the future.

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At OKW we bring your product vision to life – using customizable standard enclosures that are quicker and more cost effective to manufacture than fully bespoke cases (although we can do that too).