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What Makes EASYTEC Different?

The electronics world is full of small plastic enclosures that are around 4 inches long and 2 inches wide: they are ubiquitous. And most of them look pretty much the same as all the rest. But even a fleeting initial glance is enough to tell you that EASYTEC is different, that it’s not merely a simple potting box, that it has been created for a highly specialized IoT/IIoT role…

For a start there are the two mounting lugs that are fast becoming the signature feature of this new product. A great deal of thought has gone into their design – into how they can make installations as simple and as fast as humanly possible. Take a close look at the lugs and you will see that each one offers a choice of mounting methods – a screw hole for vertical or horizontal mounting on flat surfaces and a pair of apertures to accommodate a cable tie.

But that is only half the story. Flip EASYTEC over and you will see a concave recess. Together with the smart lugs, this recess enables EASYTEC to be mounted on poles very quickly – a useful feature when you have to install large numbers of sensors in your smart factory.

Other technical details are less obvious but no less important because EASYTEC will have to operate in some potentially challenging conditions both indoors and outdoors. For that reason its case is molded from ASA+PC-FR. This blend of plastics combines the UV-stability of ASA with the strength of polycarbonate (offering UL 94 V-0 flammability resistance). This is an important consideration because so many small enclosures are moulded from ABS – a resilient and much-used plastic but no match for ASA when it comes to coping with the Sun’s rays. Never underestimate how quickly they can fade and weaken lesser plastics. EASYTEC also offers IP 65 ingress protection (the seal is available as an optional accessory) to protect your electronics from water and dust.