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Mobile System for Treating Inner Ear Ailments

Luci Basic features a specially developed laser irradiation device, which is protected by a European patent. This therapy device has been developed especially for use at home. It helps to relieve tinnitus, dizziness and loss of hearing. Its laser penetrates even deeper layers of tissue and has a beneficial and vitalising effect on strained auditory and balance cells in the inner ear. The device can be attached to a belt or worn on your arm with a strap. Luci Basic is compact, easy to clean and offers maximum user comfort.

It is housed in a body-contoured ERGO-CASE that can be worn on the arm, chest or waist. ERGO-CASE’s four sizes (3.22" x 2.20" x 0.94" to 5.90" x 7.87" x 2.12") offer a wide range of mounting options including wrist, hand and belt straps, carrying straps and a belt/pocket clip. Sizes S, M and L are available with (or without) battery compartments – either 2 x AAA (size S) or 4 x AA/1 x 9V/2 x 9V cells (sizes M and L). Size L is also available with a transparent display panel. ERGO-CASE is molded from ABS (UL 94 HB) and can be specified in two standard colors: off-white (RAL 9002) and black (RAL 9005).