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SLIM-CASE ergonomic slim design (above)

So how did our designers manage to create so much space inside an enclosure that makes a virtue of its slimness? Easy – by fooling the eye. Look at the base of SLIM-CASE; it tapers away. View the enclosures from above and you will see a narrow edge. It’s as if the case is floating just a few millimetres off the ground. That aesthetic touch also makes SLIM-CASE more comfortable to hold – and it offers more space inside. The inside is more spacious than the exterior first suggests.

Protecting The Mobile Device

Handheld OEM electronics tend to be used a wide variety of environments: office, factory or even outdoors.  SLIM-CASE provides protection for the electronics for all these possible applications. Versions I, II and III are rated IP 40 as standard but this can be increased to IP 65 when the accessory seal is fitted to the top part. Versions IV, V and VI have the TPE intermediate ring which provides IP 54 as standard.