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Custom vs Customized Electronic Enclosures: What’s The Difference?

You want fully finished electronic enclosures that are component-ready: RFI/EMI shielded plastic enclosures in the right custom color, with all the cutouts already machined and all the logos and legends printed.

You want your enclosures to be perfect. Out of the box and on to your production line, ready for your PCBs and connectors – no friction, no wasted time. So you search online for custom enclosures. But if you’re serious about maximizing efficiencies, what you really need are customized electronic enclosures.

What’s the difference? Custom (or bespoke) electronic enclosures are designed from new each time…whereas customized enclosures are standard housings that have been modified to your specific requirements.

It is an important distinction: especially where plastic enclosures are concerned because the tooling costs are so much higher. Unlike folded aluminum enclosures, plastic cases have to be molded. That means new tooling for every change in shape. It is costly and time-consuming. And it makes low volume orders prohibitively expensive: it makes them unviable.

Customizing a standard plastic enclosure makes much more sense because you don’t need new tooling. So you can specify production-line-ready enclosures in much lower volumes – making them viable for small-batch products.

It doesn’t take much customization to make your finished enclosure unique to your product. You would be surprised how little machining, branding and printing is needed.