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Which Sloping-Front Enclosure For My Desktop Device?

Offering you a large range of standard enclosures makes customization easier and more cost-effective. The closer our off-the-shelf housing is to your ideal design, the less machining it’ll need. But the ethos behind growing our range goes deeper than that…

Different models address subtle differences in application requirements. So much so that you’ll find elements of ‘overlap’ in the various designs – offering you a much wider choice. Even with highly specific requirements, you may discover that three or four different enclosure models could be contenders for your perfect housing.

Sloping-front enclosures for desktops are a prime example of this. There are four different models that could suit your requirements: EVOTEC, PROTEC, COMTEC and UNITEC. But which is right for your application? This comparison guide will help you to find out…

What’s It For? Electronics Applications For Each Model