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How Will I Power My Electronics Device?

EVOTEC and PROTEC are designed primarily for wired electronics. PROTEC is the one to specify if you need a deep recess to protect or conceal the connectors. Neither EVOTEC nor PROTEC is available with a battery compartment as a standard option.

Yes, induction charging is theoretically possible but these are not really the best enclosures for that role. That’s better suited to something smaller and more mobile (even the smallest size of EVOTEC is 5.90" x 3.66" x 1.41"). Need the portability that a battery-powered device offers? Choose COMTEC or UNITEC. Both offer a choice of battery configuration options as standard:

  • COMTEC – screw-in battery cradles (4 x AA, 1 x 9 V or 2 x 9 V cells) should be ordered separately for version II cases
  • UNITEC – versions are available with battery compartments for 3 x AA or 5 x AA cells.

How Much Does The Front Slope On Each Enclosure?

A sloping front makes the enclosure’s display and controls easier to see and operate – and the angle of inclination will matter to end-users. Collectively, these models offer you a choice: COMTEC’s top has the smallest angle of inclination at just 10°, followed by EVOTEC at 12°.

UNITEC and PROTEC are both bulkier enclosures so each has a slope angle that is significantly more pronounced. For PROTEC it is 20°, while for UNITEC it is two degrees less at 18° (and the smaller operating face slopes at 72°).

All four models feature a top that offers a wide recess as standard. Each enclosure’s recess is large enough to accommodate a touchscreen, a membrane keypad or other operating elements. UNITEC’s recess is particular large – it wraps around both operating faces. EVOTEC is the only one of the four to also be available without a recess as standard (giving you the choice).