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What Makes EVOTEC Tougher?

Aside from the design (those curves help EVOTEC to shrug off knocks), there is also the question of the plastic. Instead of using ABS, we mold EVOTEC from an ASA blend as standard: ASA+PC-FR combines the UV stability of ASA with the strength and resilience of polycarbonate…and imbues it with a superior flammability rating: UL 94 V-0. As good as ABS is as a dependable all-rounder, ASA and ASA+PC-FR are becoming very much our plastics of choice for new models.

Why is UV stability an issue? Never underestimate the power of the Sun’s rays. They can weaken lesser plastics surprisingly quickly – even if the enclosure is destined to spend its entire life indoors. And for outdoor enclosures, UV-stable plastics are a must.

Ingress protection is another important factor. EVOTEC offers the option of uprating the enclosure to IP 65. The ‘6’ indicates the highest level of protection against dust. The ‘5’ provides protection against a jet of water from all directions; this 15-minute test is based on 12.5 litres/minute at 30 kPa at distance of three metres. Find out more about IP ratings here.

And for added peace of mind, all the cases are assembled using Torx T8 screws. This makes them tamperproof – a key consideration for the medical sector which demands a higher degree of security from its enclosures.

Which EVOTEC Enclosure For My New Electronics Product?

When EVOTEC was first launched there was just one plan size (7.87" x 4.88"): now there are five flat-top sizes (3.14" x 1.96" x 0.86" to 8.84" x 6.10" x 2.12") and three sloping-front sizes (5.90" x 3.66" x 1.41" to 9.84" x 6.10" x 2.12"). Between them, they offer a great choice of options.