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2. Plastic Enclosures For PCBs With Pre-Fitted Connectors

Mounting connectors directly to your PCB can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it’s quick and easy – speeding up installation times.

But on the other, not every standard plastic enclosure is suitable for this type of application. In the past that meant having to specify a more expensive custom-made case…negating some of the cost benefits of mounting the connector directly on the board.

Don’t panic. You can still go down the standard enclosure route: OKW manufactures off-the-shelf customizable housings specifically for this scenario.

TOPTEC (IP 40) allows pre-assembled PCBs with protruding connectors and interfaces to be mounted directly into the enclosure. These modern ergonomic enclosures are equally at home on desktops, on walls (using the hidden suspension element) or as part of DIN rail mounted systems (using an optional clip).

Note: This post first appeared in March 2017. It remains popular because our TOPTEC and SOFT-CASE enclosures solve an electronics design requirement that remains very much on our customers’ radar.