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5. Which Plastic Enclosures For Medical Electronics?

Medical electronics require a special breed of enclosures: tough, high-quality and with a whole host of specialized design features. Hospitals, GP surgeries and other healthcare facilities set the bar very high when it comes to their electronics. After all, patients’ lives may be at stake…

Medical enclosures must be much stronger than you would expect. Don’t be fooled into thinking that they will have an easy life just because they’ll be used in a comfortable heated and air-conditioned hospital (rather than in a factory, a foundry or on an oil rig).

Medical devices will be used intensively…day after day, week in week out, year after year with no let-up. Hospitals don’t have the budgets to buy electronics they will use once in a while. So this equipment must be able to withstand a punishing daily regime – and being handled by lots of different healthcare professionals, virtually all of whom will be working under pressure.

Note: This blog post is from November 2018. With every passing year, medical electronics becomes an ever more important market for OKW as we strive to meet increasing demand from electronics designers. Watch this space for more information about advanced standard and customized enclosures for medical devices. But in the meantime, download our brochure: Enclosures and Tuning Knobs for Medical Equipment.