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Touchscreen Enclosures For Mobile Electronics

Users expect every handheld touchscreen device to be as good as their mobile phone. Sleek, comfortable cellphones have become the centre of their technological world – and consequently a benchmark for ergonomics, aesthetics and useability. That’s only to be expected – but what if your electronics won’t fit a mobile-sized case? At OKW, we solved this challenge by creating SLIM-CASE (IP 54/65), a cutting-edge mobile touchscreen enclosure that’s bigger than it first appears.

Viewed from above, SLIM-CASE looks like a mobile phone housing: low profile with a virtually frameless design. But closer inspection reveals a sculpted rear section that offers more space (and makes the enclosure more comfortable to hold).

Don’t misperceive SLIM-CASE’s compact form as small – it offers plenty of space for PCBs, plug connectors, interfaces and sensors. Perfect for measuring and control technology, wireless communications, IoT/IIoT, medical and laboratory electronics, offices, smart homes, safety engineering and environmental technology.

SLIM-CASE is available with a choice of operating panels:

  • flat – for displays, buttons and LEDs
  • 0.06" recess – for a touchscreen or membrane keypad
  • 0.04" recess – for thinner product labels.

All three can be specified with or without a soft-touch TPE intermediate ring that makes SLIM-CASE even more comfortable to hold. This ring can also help to absorb impact should the user drop the device. Collectively, this combination of tops and rings gives you a choice of six different versions (I-VI).

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