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If COM-KNOBS look reassuringly familiar, it’s because you’ll have spotted design cues shared with some of our other ranges. Like TOP-KNOBS, they use interchangeable marking elements (option) – albeit ones that are little less idiosyncratic. And like STAR-KNOBS, some of the covers have an ergonomic finger recess.

All that is deliberate – the shared design language ensures a uniform design appearance when specifying COM-KNOBS together with TOP-KNOBS. The wide choice of covers (52) spans six diameters and seven colors (including matt chromed) – and beneath them lies a dependable collet fixing system.

This is the range to go for if you want:

  • transparent dials – with (or without) a selection of markings
  • aluminum stators
  • black or gray nut covers – with (or without) marking lines or molded indicators.

View COM-KNOBS range here >>