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As OKW’s first-ever enclosure designed to fit a standard 18 mm watch strap, BODY-CASE is a shining example of today’s new generation of wearables…and not just because of its easy-to-clean glossy finish.

For a start, it’s more than a watch-style enclosure: you can wear BODY-CASE on a lanyard, clip it to a belt or pocket, attach it to a key ring or carry it loose. And then there’s the soft-touch TPV sealing ring. Aside from adding a dash of color, it also provides IP 65 ingress protection – a key consideration. There is a choice of tops: recessed to accommodate a membrane keypad, or unrecessed for something as simple as an LED for e-entry access control.

Power can be provided by PCB-mounted round/button cells. Or you could opt for an internal battery with inductive charging. The BODY-CASE range features docking stations as accessories – with the option of charging either single or multiple units.

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