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Specifying a standard enclosure and asking for it to be supplied fully customized is the smart way to avoid all the time and costs associated with developing a bespoke housing. You get the enclosure you want, the way you want it – very quickly and cost effectively, because all the tooling is already in place.

Long gone are the days when standard enclosures looked standard. Today there are so many different shapes and sizes to choose from – many of them designed for highly specialized applications – that they look bespoke before they’ve even left the shelf.

That means less customization is needed. All it takes is a few apertures for controls and interfaces, some logos and legends, perhaps some lacquering or a decor foil, and suddenly that standard enclosure is unique to your application.

And best of all, today’s digital printing and laser marking technology helps to make customization available in very small batches. That’s ideal for instrumentation which tends to be manufactured in lower volumes.