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It’s a testament to the enduring popularity of SMART-CASE  that these comfortably curved handheld enclosures continue to be one of our bestselling models. Ergonomics were the starting point for these great-to-hold housings – and those classic contours continue to find favour with electronics designers.

SMART-CASE (IP 65 optional) is perfect for remote control devices – either cable connected or battery powered (AAA, AA, 9 V or 12 V round cell). Sizes start with XS which can be clipped to a key ring. The other sizes – M, L and XL – are available in three versions: with battery compartment; without battery compartment and with cable gland; with neither battery compartment nor cable gland. Infrared-permeable PMMA is available as standard for all but the cable-connected version.

Over the years, the large range of accessories for SMART-CASE has been expanded to include docking stations, wall holders, belt/pocket clips and rail holding clamps – all of which make these enclosures particularly well suited to medical electronics. A SMART-CASE with a cable gland and rail clamp is perfect as a wired controller for a hospital bed.