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CONNECT was designed primarily for wired electronics, though it’s also great for wireless duties too. Applications include data systems, networks, building services technology, safety engineering, IoT/ IIoT sensors, medical devices, data loggers, sensors, and measurement and control.

These enclosures differ from others in the OKW range. CONNECT is among 19 OKW handheld models so it was always going to be comfortably contoured, sitting snugly in the hand. No surprise there…but CONNECT also has some features and benefits that set it apart from other models.

Among the most obvious of these is the fact that CONNECT has two ‘fronts’. One is flat and recessed to accommodate a membrane keypad; the other is curved and tactile. As a bottom section, that curved surface makes CONNECT easier to cradle in the palm. And on top, the curved surface looks great when it’s home to some buttons or a row of LEDs.

Either of these two shells can be the ‘top’ of your device – it’s up to you. And that explains the next feature – snap together construction. We wanted to ensure there were no visible fixing screws, no matter which way up you used CONNECT. The best way to do that was to remove the need for fixing screws altogether.

Next comes the important matter of connectivity. The enclosures have long flat sides that will accept multiple interfaces, making CONNECT the logical choice if your device features a string of USB ports. And then there are the two short sides. We deliberately left them open so you could specify your ideal solution.

In many cases, that will be a cable gland. The CONNECT range of accessories currently offers six cable gland kits in different sizes and colours. They’re all molded from SEBS (TPE) which is soft to touch but strong enough provide kink protection. Each kit provides integrated strain relief thanks to a screw-fitted clamping element.

CONNECT’s design makes it possible to wire in cables at either end. If you’re using only one cable gland, then the remaining open side can be neatly finished with a plastic end part. Or if your device is wireless then you can use end parts to close both openings.