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HAND-TERMINAL (IP 65 optional) has a very large display area, offering plenty of space for operating elements and displays. Meanwhile, the smaller curved underside is beautifully contoured, making these large enclosures great to grip. And the flat sides are a good place to site an emergency stop button (or other pushbuttons).

Specify HAND-TERMINAL for machine control in production and assembly, terminals in programing and teach-in applications, measurement and control, mobile terminals, programmers, data collection units and more.

HAND-TERMINAL (8.66″ x 4.72″ x 2.56″) is available in two versions: one with a closed top, the other designed for an aluminum front panel assembly. Both versions have a recessed operating area and a battery compartment (4 x AA, 1/2 x 9 V).

Unlike DATEC-MOBIL-BOX and DATEC-CONTROL – which are ABS enclosures – HAND-TERMINAL is molded from a tougher PC+ABS blend. Polycarbonate is the plastic used for bulletproof glass and riot shields so it adds strength and resilience. This PC+ABS blend also has a superior flammability resistance – UL 94 V-0, compared with the UL 94 HB of ABS.

The standard colors for HAND-TERMINAL are off-white (RAL 9002) or black (RAL 9005). Accessories include battery compartments (1/2 x 9V, 4 x AA), battery clips, a plug-in contact (9 V), a battery spacer, sealing kits and an aluminum front panel.