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Luxurious smart homes and offices cosset their human occupants with the most intelligent building control and security systems. This cutting-edge technology must perform 24/7, be intuitive to operate and still look great day after day – despite heavy use by people in a hurry.

For all that to happen, the system’s touchpoints, network nodes and control centres must be housed in robust enclosures that are elegant and a pleasure to use. Everything must work together in synergy – empowering monitoring and data logging, optimising control, and ensuring safety in automated operations.

A broad spectrum of applications includes time recording and access control, network technology for communication and monitoring, peripheral and interface equipment, controllers (transmitters and receivers), building automation, HVAC, control technology for lifts and conveyors, technical equipment for utilities, control panels for photovoltaic systems, and occupational health and safety solutions.

Safety, comfort and versatility are the watchwords of this technology and its enclosures – whether they’re destined for indoors, protected outdoor areas or harsh environments with the threat of impact or dust/water ingress.