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Touch screens and other electronic displays need special consideration when specifying a protective enclosure. As anyone who’s ever dropped a mobile phone knows all too well, these screens can be fragile (and yet sometimes surprisingly tough).

Capacitive touch screen control panels also tend to raise higher expectations among end users, despite the seeming ubiquity of this technology. Put simply, a device with a touch screen generally has more cachet among end users than one without.

So the display’s plastic enclosure – aside from being strong and resilient – must also reflect those consumer perceptions. They expect excellent ergonomics because they’ll be hands-on users – navigating menus, inputting data and scrolling in ways that have become second nature to us all.

These users won’t tolerate any vestiges of flimsiness or cheapness in the housing. And for that reason, the aesthetics and build quality are as crucial as the ergonomics. The housing must frame and showcase the technology – but with an understatement that does not detract from the screen itself.

So any off-the-shelf enclosure must look and feel far from ‘standard’. It must be suited exactly to its intended application and location – be it a handheld, desktop or wall-mount touch screen enclosure. And yet it must remain versatile and discreet. Fortunately, all the following display enclosures do precisely that…