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With its large all-but-frameless operating area and generous wedge-shaped main case, PROTEC (IP 65) is the perfect choice for devices that have a large display and a lot of circuitry to house. And it looks great on either desks or walls – so units can be installed throughout a building and they’ll all match.

At 20°, the angle of inclination on PROTEC’s sloping front is slightly more pronounced than it is for EVOTEC. PROTEC is available in three versions:

  • Version I has a deep recess to protect interfaces and connectors.
  • Version II offers more by covering this recess with a flush-fitting panel.
  • Version III provides yet more space by extending the panel cover.

PROTEC is moulded from off-white ASA+PC (UL 94 V-0) for UV stability. Assembly is with Torx screws. Choose from three sizes: 5.51″ x 5.51″/6.30" x 2.99″, 7.09″ x 7.09″/7.91" x 3.62″, 8.66″ x 8.66″/9.57" x 4.25″).