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Wall-mount touch screen enclosures are seldom more understated than SMART-PANEL. By the time you’ve fitted it in a flush-mounted or cavity wall box and installed a touch screen, all that remains is a beautifully discreet frame in traffic white (RAL 9016).

SMART-PANEL’s bottom section is highly polished while the top has a fine surface structure. Contemporary curved corners complete the look. One end has a flat, recessed area for adding USB or mini-USB connectors. Assembly is screwless for swift installation. Reopening is with a special tool set (accessory).

SMART-PANEL is now available in three plan sizes: 3.31″ x 3.31″, 4.49″ x 4.49″ and 6.10″ x 3.31″ – all 0.84″ deep. The enclosures are moulded from ASA+PC (UL 94 V-0). Accessories include glass panels (which can be rear printed on request), adhesive foils and push-in phenolic resin hardboard plates to help protect the electronics (if required) during installation.